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"The Road Map to Drive-Thru Coffee Startup Success" A remarkable and ground breaking work that will give instant access to the knowledge and insight the pro's use.

From the nationally recognized founder of Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee, Kerby Sides presents:

"The Road Map to Drive-Thru
Coffee Startup Success"

Learn how to locate and secure the best sites at the best price with the best terms.
Be prepared for Leasing agents, Planners, Building/Health Department Officials and Contractors.

Gain access to the all-important business plan, legal documents, submittal packets ,traffic studies, property lease, restroom agreements, inventory checklists, employee forms, handbooks, and various other crucial documents needed for startup in the drive-thru coffee industry.

Learn the tips and tricks the pro's use to get from concept to a smooth opening, while saving time, money, and a good deal of stress by avoiding the many pitfalls along the way.

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Kerby Sides, is the founder of the nationally known drive-thru coffee enterprise, Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee.

The chain of branded and non-branded drive-thru's is an improbable expansion from a single location startup in 2003. No longer involved in the retail aspects of the business, Kerby and team are now focused on expanding the industry, while helping entrepreneurs with the often prohibitive barriers hindering startups.

"This book will save (and make) you money! And not a small amount of money."

"This book is an investment in good business sense."

"Comprehensive and Exhaustive; saves time, money, and stress."

"If you are considering opening a drive-thru coffee business, and don't read this book you will be more likely to fail. It's plain and simple."

"Prepare yourself for the road ahead. Read this book, as it is the only of its kind, and with the content included, I don't see the need for anyone else to try to do better."

"The Road Map offers unique insight, information, a business plan, exhibits, legal documents and agreements, a lease, various sample departmental (Health/Planning)submittal packets, renderings, and much, much more. If it's necessary in the startup process, it's likely to be found within these covers, and will save the reader hundreds of hours of leg work and hair pulling."

"This book will pay you back in the first 10 pages... Probably sooner!"

If you don't know the correct answers to the following questions, you need to this book!
Let me repeat... You need this book.

Do you have a business plan?
Do you understand the hidden costs associated with this project?
Are you going to do this project yourself, or hire professionals to assist you?
Do you know how to design an efficient workspace?
Do you know what equipment the pro's recommend?
Do you have a list of equipment you'll need?
Do you know what and how much you should have for your startup inventory?
Do you have a menu?
Do you have the drink recipes?
Are you going to use your own brand, or use an existing brand from a licensor/franchisor?
Do you have an effective pre-opening Marketing Plan?
Do you know how to determine the proper price points for your products?
Have you considered interview questions, an employee handbook, tax forms, time sheets and more?
What will you pay an employee?
Do you have a business plan?
Will you be required to hook up to city water and sewer?
Can you hook a kiosk directly to a parking lot light pole?
Self-contained, or plumbed?
Will you be required to have a restroom?
Do you know how to go about determining a site's viability?
Have you ever worked with Planning Commissions, Building Departments, Health Departments and other bureaucracies?
Do you know how to decipher a zoning ordinance to get the information you need?
Do you know the right way to go about contacting and communicating with Property Owners and Leasing Agents?
Do you know the specific clauses you need to include in a property lease to protect your interests and save you money?
Do you have a lease contract with your interests included to present to the Property Owner and Leasing agents?
Do you understand the tips and tricks to a successful lease negotiation?
Do you know how to go about Contractor quotes for hookups so you don't get burned?
Will you accept tips?
And on, and on, and on.. These questions, and many, many more, are weighed out, discussed,
and answered in "The Road Map, To Drive-Thru Startup Success."
Did you know that the eBook includes a number of enormously valuable sample documents you can personalize and use for your gain. The Road Map includes samples, examples and exhibits of nearly everything you could need when considering the process of opening a drive-thru coffee business.

Included Exhibits:

Sample Employee Handbook
Employee Forms
Time Sheets
Sample Menu
Opening Closing Duties
......and much, much more...
Restroom Agreements- Pretty simple, if you need one you'll have one ready made.
Business Plan - Specifically developed for the drive-thru coffee business model. The business plan is the foundation and starting point for any successful business. You'll have a detailed sample you can work from to create your own personalized business plan.
Lease - The ebook actually includes an exhibit of a favorable lease, including the clauses and verbiage necessary to secure your interests and save you money.
Sample (Planning and Zoning/Health Department) Submittal Packets - Worth their weight in gold, these examples will show you how to create the packets you will need to gain approvals from the necessary bureaucracies.
Sample Traffic Studies - Along the way you'll run into roadblocks, and perhaps need a traffic study for your business. We've provided you with a sample of what you may need. Often times, you can get away with one that is made yourself, so we've provided one of those too.
Restroom Agreements- Pretty simple, if you need one you'll have one ready made.
Restroom Agreements- Pretty simple, if you need one you'll have one ready made.

From The Author:

Start-up retail businesses all have their challenges. Start-up drive-thru coffee businesses are no different. However, in our line of work we have learned to overcome those challenges and roadblocks specific to this young and unique business model.

What's more, we have taken the systems, secrets and strategies that we have employed, and compiled them into this comprehensive Road Map so those of you considering going it alone can have access to the same insight that has made Mudslingers Drive-Thru Coffee a runaway success.

The author of "The Road Map to Drive-Thru Coffee Startup Success" has made his best efforts at creating a comprehensive an exhaustive work, but it's possible (and perhaps likely) you will still need some questions answered. No worries. In this event, with your eBook purchase, you will also be provided an hour of consulting at no additional charge to you. Details will be provided by email at purchase. This valuable time is normally billed at a price encroaching the sale price of the book!